Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

After Church and a delicious lasagna dinner (tradition), it was time to get into our Christmas PJ's...Ben and Hunter still fit into their matching PJ's from two years ago!

Then it was time to put out the reindeer food! Ben and Caroline got some from the Cave we went to, but Abbey made special sparkle reindeer food at school that we were sure to bring down with us!

She took it very seriously...

Then the kids put out the milk and cookies for Santa...Cooper really wants Abbey's cookie!

And then it was time for bed! Cooper got all cozy by the fire, which was so cute. Cooper is Chien's brother and it was fun/sad to spend time with him this Christmas. Paul and I both commented that when Chien was alive and we saw Cooper we could only think of how they were different. But now with Chien gone, we kept noticing how alike they were and how things he did reminded us of Chien! He is such a sweet dog and we probably gave him more love this week than we ever have before!

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