Monday, January 02, 2012

Pre-Christmas presents!

Since we were going to TN for Christmas, we decided to open up some of the presents from my family before we went. Here is everyone ready to open presents!


Juliette got a Snow White doll. It was so cute because she quietly disappeared and suddenly came back upstairs from the basement with her Snow White costume on to match!

And Abbey was thrilled because she got a Sleeping Beauty costume and doll too!

Look at our princesses!

Ben got a megaphone from Nana and GrandPatch....because apparently Ben isn't already loud enough - haha! He loves it though :)

Look at Abbey's new sweater and hat!

And Daddy got a new waffle maker, which is really a present for our whole family! The kids were so excited!

Juju's new sweater!

Ben playing with his train book before lunch.

Juju got a big Dora book!

Ben got a very cool new Lego's kit...I can't tell who was more excited about this toy!

It was a lot of fun to open these gifts - thank you to Madgie and Patch, Uncle Chris and Aunt Ginny, Nana and GrandPatch, and Mimi for sending us such wonderful presents!
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