Monday, January 02, 2012

On to TN!

On Thursday before Christmas we loaded up the car and drove down to TN, meeting up with the Acuff's along the way! Juju wanted to make sure to spend some time cuddling with Aunt Domi...

On Friday night we went to a cave not far from Mama Kay and Papa's house that was all lit up with Christmas lights! It was really neat and the kids enjoyed seeing the cave, especially all lit up and decorated!

Luckily Papa was on hand to carry Abbey around and luckily Abbey was around to point out cool stuff to Papa!

Ben and Caroline checking out the lights.

Juju attached herself to Cousin Andrew - they have a special bond.

And guess who was there at the back of the cave!

It was actually really neat and something totally different to do - we all loved it!

Ben and Caroline


Caroline, Abbey and Ben enjoy the cave!

Then we went to the next outside park that was all lit up with Christmas lights and decorations and a fire to make smores!!

We hadn't realized it was going to be an outside event so we had changed the kids into their PJ's for a long ride back in case they fell asleep. Unfortunately, Juliette fell asleep in the car so I stayed in the car with her while everyone else walked around and made some smores. It was a bit chilly, so luckily for Abbey Papa gave her his sweater to keep warm!

It was a really fun night - I just love stuff like this - something different for us all to experience besides the usual Christmas festivities!
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