Monday, January 02, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

On Saturday, Christmas Eve, we had the very important task of making cookies to leave out for Santa!
I don't know about Santa, but I sure thought the cookies were delicious - great work guys!
Then it was time to get dressed up and go to Church for Christmas Eve Mass...I found matching sweater dresses for me and the girls and I could not resist! Juju's is a little big, but that's ok. We can wear them again next year!
Add in my handsome son (we are just missing Daddy here)...
The kids in front of the waterfall at Church...
So we went to a children's mass and the Deacon called all the kids from kindergarten and younger to come sit around him and tell the story of Christmas. I was so proud of Ben and Caroline, who raised their hands, spoke into the microphone, and answered so many questions correctly! Ben was the first to answer that Mary was riding on a donkey (several kids did not know that before he raised his hand to tell them). Ben and Caroline raised their hands for almost every question. Then, at the end, they stood up to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus into the microphone for the whole Church - it was so cute! They were trying their best not to laugh through the song - it was pretty funny. Abbey also went up there, but she was too shy. Everyone was sitting down and she was trying to find a seat, so she was the only kid standing right at the beginning. The Deacon asked her (since she was standing) if she knew the story of Christmas. She quickly shook her head and ran to find a seat. She did not answer any questions or sing, although I think it was mostly because she was shy because she definitely knows the answers!

With everyone looking so nice and in a good mood, we took a bunch of pictures at the Church and they all turned out so cute that I had to share. Look at these three Christmas beauties!

Ben and Caroline love each other...and Abbey (who won't be left out of anything) wanted in on the hug too!

Best friends

We actually took a pretty good family photo after Church!

Great picture of Ben and Caroline!
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Ben in front of the beautiful Christmas tree at Church.

And did I tell you the best Christmas surprise that I got? Aunt Theresa flew in from Alaska and totally surprised me and Mama Kay (I guess everyone else knew about it)! Yay Aunt Theresa!!
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