Monday, January 02, 2012

Pre-Christmas Activities

OK, bare with me here as I try my best to catch up on the past month! First off, we got to watch Ben in his kindergarten Christmas concert. He had been practicing for quite a while coming home and singing all kinds of songs, so I knew most of them, but he also had some surprises in store! Unfortunately, Abbey had her last dance class of the session where parents could watch a routine they had prepared to "Let it Snow" at the same time! So, Paul took the camera to her dance class and I recorded Ben's concert with the video camera. I would post that, but it is pretty long. I will tell you my favorite song they sang was 12 Days of Christmas - they had motions for each day and I couldn't believe they could remember all the days! It was very cute. Here is Ben with some of his friends after the concert.

Ben during the concert.

The girls have been having a blast playing with the nativity set. I couldn't find Baby Jesus for a while, but here he was in the back of the Little People van!

The weekend before Christmas we went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. That's right - they had a whole North Pole set up with fun activities and Santa was there too! The best part was that when you got there, they gave you a ticket for what time to see Santa, so then you could just play around and do the activities without waiting in line! I think this will become an annual tradition. I had never been to this store before, but it is basically a hunting a fishing store. There was a big sign at the front that said to please leave all firearms checked in at the front desk, which made me wonder where the heck we were! But there were all kinds of fun things to climb on!

Ben driving a boat!

Juju liked it too!

And here is our picture with Santa! We can't ever have a picture with Santa of just the kids because Abbey won't go anywhere near him unless one of us is holding her! But she did tell him what she wanted and accepted a candy cane from him and she is not screaming in the picture, so that's progress.

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