Friday, January 06, 2012

The park

After a few days indoors playing with all the toys, the troops became a little restless. Luckily the weather was pretty good and Mama Kay and Papa knew of a great park to go to (and a great cafe to get some hot chocolate after too)! This also gave Daddy another great opportunity to play with his new lens!

This park had a great merry-go-round, which the kids spent almost the entire time on! Juliette liked it, but only if Uncle Brandon was holding her!

Abbey on the swing...

Ben is looking for fun!

This is a great picture...thanks new telephoto lens (and a Daddy that knows how to use it)!

It was a bit chilly, so luckily Juliette found a Mama Kay to snuggle up with...

Andrew teaching us all a lesson in physics...

Whew, all that playing is tiring!

Aunt Domi and Aunt Theresa playing on the swings...who said the park was just for kids?

Me and my Juju...

Then Uncle David, Aunt Carolyn, and Cousins Madelyn and Virginia came down for a few days to join the celebration! Juliette really wanted to play with her new puzzle and luckily for her, Aunt Carolyn was happy to help her out!

Juju and her favorite cousin (don't tell the others, but she has a real connection with Cousin Andrew)!

And Mama Kay's friend came over to give a fly fishing lesson to Paul and Uncle David, which they seemed to really enjoy! It sounds very difficult and they spent about 2 hours learning how to cast the line.

Ben, Abbey, Caroline and Virginia work on a puzzle.

It was a fabulous Christmas. Thank you so much to Mama Kay and Papa for having us, cooking all those wonderful meals, watching the kids (did I mention they watched all the kids one night so the adults could go have a night out?) and having fun with us! We love you!
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