Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Arlington Park

It was that time of year again where we get to go to Arlington Park for the Arlington Heights Community Day, which basically means we get free tickets! So, we went with our good friends, the Weck's.  The AH Fire Department is always there letting the kids play with their engines and equipment.  Watch out fire...Ben has the hose!

Abbey's riding shotgun in the truck!

Then it was time to go watch the horses race!

They also had a lot of family fun events, like a petting zoo!

Juju is getting close with that lamb...

And pony rides!

Great job Abbey!  Every year she does better with the pony ride.  This time she did it with just holding Daddy's hands!  The first year, she refused and cried being anywhere near the pony.  The next year, she would only go on it if Paul's arms were completely around her while on the pony.  This year, she held his hand.  Who knows, maybe next year she will go on it alone!

Juju seemed to enjoy it though (with Daddy's hand behind her).

And of course, there is always the fun activity of rolling down the hill!

It was a great day and I think Paul even walked away ahead - good betting Daddy!
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