Monday, August 19, 2013

Alaska Day 4

Well the night of Day 3 was interesting...both girls were up all night getting sick. We thought Ben had food poisoning the first night, but then the girls both got it in the same night so we assume it was some sort of stomach bug. So Paul and I were up all night again alternating taking girls into the bathroom to get sick. The next morning we left Denali, but first stopped to take a quick picture with the sign. If Juju looks a little off in this picture, it is because she threw up immediately before it was taken. But, we didn't want to miss the picture opportunity, so onward we went!

Then we started our drive down to Anchorage.  It was amazingly scenic.  We were so lucky with the weather and we saw Denali from almost every possibly angle.  We kept pulling the car over to take more pictures.  Here are some of our favorites...

Before heading into Anchorage, we stopped at an old mining village.  It is pretty much ruins now, but neat to see.  And the kids were most excited to see snow (you would think they had never seen it before!).

Here's the village.

Beautiful scenery.  I should note that Domi and I tried to come here when we visited Theresa last Memorial Day, but it was closed due to snow and it was actively snowing when we were here...on Memorial Day!

Juju taking in the view

Then the kids had a huge snow ball fight, which was really fun for them!  We then drove into Anchorage and went to Aunt Theresa's house for a cookout of bear sausage, moose burgers and bear jerky...a warm welcome to Alaska!!!
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