Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alaska Part 2 - still day 1

After we became rich at the gold mine, we decided to go see Santa in the North Pole...that's right, we actually went to Santa's summer house in North Pole, Alaska!  They even had some of the actual reindeers that Santa uses on the big night!

They are excited!

And there's the big man himself!  Of course, this is the only picture I took as my lovely children would not actually go near him!

But they did make sure to spend time writing their letters (which I assured them could be updated for any changes between now and Christmas).

Then they waited for Santa to go on break and sneaked their letters in his mailbox!

After the North Pole we went to Pioneer Park, which was basically a huge park area with all kinds of interesting historic and fun things to see, such as this old train!  Look closely and you can see Abbey in the window!

Aunt Domi walks Juliette around the old town.

Juju and her favorite Cousin Andrew!

Well, that was Day mining, North Pole and Pioneer Park.  We were off to a good and busy start!
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