Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time to go Home

We had a great time. Juliette partied a little too hard at the reception with the Shirley Temples and got sick through the night...we definitely had our share of vomit this trip! But it was a fantastic trip and we were sad that it was time to go home.  Our pilot on the flight home was awesome and let the kids get in the cockpit before take off.

Would you trust these guys to fly the plane?

After a delay and layover in Seattle (in the middle of the night),we finally made it home to Chicago in the early morning.  Paul had to work that day unfortunately, but the kids and I all climbed into our bed and slept most of the day!  It took us a full week to fully recover, which was exacerbated by the fact that summer activities started right away!  But it was worth it for the fantastic trip!  A HUGE thank you to Mama Kay and Papa for planning such an amazing trip and for Aunt Theresa and Uncle Josh for your hospitality and fantastic wedding! 
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