Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time to Party!

The wedding was beautiful, but then it was time to party! There was a moose at the reception!


I must say that the kids were very brave.  When I got up on the moose I found it to be quite scary!  It was very high up and didn't feel very sturdy!  I'm smiling, but clinging to Paul and begging him not to move too much as I was sure I was about to fall off!

The girls couldn't wait to get on the dance floor!

Then they passed out sunglasses and Ben got into it too!

Like father like son!

The bride and I!

FINALLY!!!  After how many weddings we have been to in the past few years...I guess it just took sunglasses for him to hide behind, but Ben finally danced with me...and he asked me!!!

Love him!

Josh had some Jewish traditions thrown in as well, which was fun!

Aunt Domi and Juliette.

She cracked me up.  There was a pause in the dancing while they cut the cake, so she just sort of circled the dance floor listening to the music.  All of a sudden, she couldn't stop herself and her little hips just starting shaking!  It was so cute!

Cuties at the reception!

Congratulations Aunt Theresa and Uncle Josh!
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