Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alaska - Day 5

Our first full day in Anchorage we spent at the Alaska Zoo! It is a really nice zoo where most of the animals there are animals you would find in the wilderness of Alaska.  Juju is ready to start her day with a lift from Daddy!

Ben liked this mountain goat...don't get too close Ben, they bite!

Ben was super attached to Aunt Theresa (his Godmother) and wanted to be holding her hand at all times.

This is where we saw Alaskan bears...he doesn't look so dangerous from behind a gate, right?

I thought about posting that we saw one in the wild and showing this picture, but it was also taken at the zoo from the safety of a viewing deck.  Good picture though!

Abbey also was happy to spend time with Aunt Theresa again.

The cousins all miss Aunt Theresa!

Have you ever seen this animal?

Or this one?

A very sweet picture of Juliette and Papa.

After the zoo we went to Flat Top for a hike.  Luckily for Abbey, Aunt Theresa was willing to carry her!

Everyone else preferred to walk/run!

Here's the group making it up the trail.

We found a snow patch along the way where the kids had fun hiking up to the top...

And then sledding down on their bottoms!

Amazing shot of Abbey at the top (courtesy of Paul)!  It makes me want to sing, "The Hills Are Alive!"

Juju's turn in the carrier with Aunt Theresa, but with Ben and Abbey firmly attached as well!

Most of the group that made the hike (I am behind Andrew and Paul is taking the picture).

Then it was back to Aunt Theresa's house for some yummy pizza.  Luckily, we were staying in a bed and breakfast that was a short walk from her house...or a short 4 wheel drive ride!  Thanks for the lift Aunt T!

The bed and breakfast was really nice - a great place for all of us to gather, relax, and hang out!
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