Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jump into Summer

After we got back from Alaska, it took us a while to recover from the trip. But that didn't stop us from jumping into summer fun! We made sure to go to the strawberry farm and pick strawberries before the end of the season. This is always a fun thing to do and I don't think we could ever pick enough that we couldn't eat. I had grand ideas of making strawberry jam, desserts, and all kinds of things, but instead, we just ended up eating them all very quickly before I had a chance to make anything!  Here are my expert strawberry pickers!


Juliette did a better job of actually picking the strawberries this year (as opposed to eating them and putting the stems in her basket like last year)!

Our harvest...

And of course there is always time for apple doughnuts and strawberry smoothies after all that hard work!

We also broke out the sprinkler for some backyard summer fun!

We also attended the Annual Charge for CHARGE 5k to honor our dear friend Josh Kurby.  Paul ran in the race this year and did very well.  It was a fantastic event that was very well run by our friend Sandy and we were so glad to be able to go this year.  Unfortunately we couldn't stick around for awards because Ben had a baseball game we had to get to, but it was a great race!

Sandy leading the crew on her bike.  This was almost at the finish line and Ben commented that Aunt Sandy was kind of cheating  because it really wasn't fair that she won the race because she was on a bike while everyone else had to run! 

Paul came in 5th overall (I think).  Great run!
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