Monday, October 14, 2013

Apple Picking

Hard to believe, but it's that time of year again when we get to go apple picking, which is one of our absolute favorite fall activities! We went a little earlier this year due to busy schedules and trying to coordinate with the Acuff's. I know one of these years we won't be able to coordinate a time when we can go together, but I am thankful it wasn't this year and our tradition lived on! 

Juliette was ready to get started right away!

Ben was ready for a ride first!

First step...hay ride out to the orchard!

Luckily there were a lot of low lying apples (since we went so early), so Juliette was able to pick a lot of apples!

And when she couldn't reach an apple, Daddy gave her a lift.

Abbey liked climbing the trees and inspecting the apples to find the perfect one.

Pretty girl in a tree...

We put Juliette up in a tree (at her request) but she was  very uncomfortable once she was up there and wanted to get down.  I quick snapped a picture, but you can tell she is not thrilled with being up in the tree.

Daddy found a ladder to get the really high apples.

And Juliette helped pull the apples around - she loved this task.

Abbey wanted a turn on the ladder too!

As did Ben...

Juliette kept picking "baby apples" for the baby.  Here is baby's first apple :)

After soccer games, the Acuff's made it!  Caroline immediately started climbing trees!

Yay Cousins!

Silly Cousins!  Since Ben and Caroline are both missing most of their front teeth, they had to bite their apples on the side!

Hunter picking apples...

This boy is getting tall...he will pass Mommy before too long!

Then while we browsed the store and enjoyed some apple donuts, these two got on the horse rockers and had some fun.

It was a very fun and beautiful day!  I am so glad we were able to find time to go together again this year.  We then went back to our house for some chili and homemade carrot cake to celebrate Paul's birthday that was coming up! 
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Curtiss said...

Hope we can make it next year for apple picking!