Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday and Homecoming!

Paul's birthday was in September and we celebrated the way he wanted...low key! We made his requested dinner and we had the carrot cake (his favorite) that the kids and I made for him, so all that was left was to blow out the candles! Although he turned 35 (wow!), we did not put 35 candles on the cake, but we did go through our drawers and put all the candles we could find on it to symbolize to the kids just how old Dad is :) Here Juliette is trying to count them all!

Time to blow them out...he needed some help!

The next weekend was Ben's football homecoming, so we did up his hair to get pumped for the game!  He had a soccer game first though.

Best sister cheerleaders!

He was a force to be reckoned with on the soccer field!

Then it was time for the tailgate to get ready for the game!

The siblings had fun too.

Awesome picture!

Abbey got in on the blue hair paint too!

Car decorations!

Ben with his team.

Before the game with some friends.

Ready to run onto the field through this awesome rip away banner one of the parents made!

Unfortunately, they lost the was their only loss all season, but they still placed #1 and are playing in the Championship Flag Bowl this Friday night under the lights, so stay tuned for updates on that!
After the disappointing game, the kids needed some cheering up, so we went to a park to try to fly some kites.

There wasn't a ton of wind though, so there a fair amount of running involved to get the kite up.

Or just running for the fun of it.

Good job Abbey!

Dad of the year!

The girls got tired of kite flying, so I took them to the park while Ben and Daddy continued to fly kites.

Abbey is awesome on the monkey bars - her favorite thing to do!

It was a fun day!
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