Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dad of the Year!

As I mentioned, Paul just had his birthday in September (yes, I realize it is almost November now, but remember that in my blogging world we are only up to September right now!). I just wanted to take a minute and talk about the "most overshelduled adult I know" as a friend recently described him! Paul takes every opportunity to be involved with the kids. He is in his second year of teaching Sunday school at Church. He is in his third year of coaching soccer. He did not take on the head coach position of Ben's soccer team this year as he decided to coach Abbey's soccer team instead. However, he then became an assistant coach to Ben's team and was at every practice and game (unless it directly conflicted with Abbey's game) for Ben's team. He helped out at Ben's football practice every Monday night (he couldn't make Wednesday practices because that was when Abbey had her soccer practice). He is in his second year of being a Cub Scout Den Leader for Ben's Den. This year he has also joined Indian Princesses with Abbey and will be taking her on her first camp out in a few weeks. To say he is "actively involved" in their lives would be an understatement! And the kids absolutely love every second they spend with Daddy!

As if this didn't keep him busy enough, he trained all summer for the Chicago Marathon, waking up early both Saturday and Sunday mornings to log in long runs. He is also continuing to pursue his Masters of Electrical Engineering by taking one night course at a time. You might wonder where he finds time for everything because he also has a full time job to support our growing family! Paul usually wakes up around 4am to start his day! He works/studies for a few hours before anyone else even wakes up. Then he is ready for a break by the time the kids get up, which works out nicely for me as he makes everyone breakfast while I slowly get out of bed and get ready for the day!

Now part of this is all made possible by the fact that he works from home. However, he has just accepted a new job that will not be from home. In fact, come January, he will begin commuting downtown. So I am sure that will affect how much he does at home when that starts, but knowing Paul, he will find a way to stay "actively involved" :) And we will all certainly miss having him around the house during the day.

Anyway, I was just thinking the other day that I always do a post about the kids and how wonderful they are around their birthdays, and it is definitely worth mentioning all of the wonderful things Paul does for this family around his birthday. Now, on to his stats...just kidding ;)

Love you Paul!

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