Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pirates Cove

The weekend after school started, our Godson and nephew Andrew started his Freshman year at Notre Dame!!! So, we took care of Caroline for the weekend so Uncle Brandon and Aunt Domi could go spend the weekend at orientation with Andrew at ND. We decided to use our groupon and go to Pirates Cove since we hadn't been all summer and the kids really enjoy it. Pirates Cove is a very small amusement park near us.  Here's the crew!

There is a merry go round.

A pedal push train...

A potato sack slide...

Bumper boats, which Ben and Caroline loved!  The girls wouldn't go in them though and the line was long, so they only did this once.

And another train where if you sit in the engine compartment you  get to ring the bell!  Luckily, it seats 4!

Here they come!

This was a big year for Juliette.  We went last summer and she wouldn't go on half of the rides, but this year was the perfect year for her and she thoroughly enjoyed everything there (except the bumper boats).  She couldn't get enough of the merry go round and the push train!

It was a fun day.  I think Ben and Caroline might be getting a bit old for it (the rides were a bit small for them to fit on), but they seemed to really enjoy the day regardless!  We did other fun stuff throughout the weekend with Caroline, but this was the only part I took pictures of.  But we enjoyed having her and hope she will come spend the night again soon!
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