Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fall Sports

Fall is a very busy time of year for us.  Ben does flag football and soccer and this year Abbey is doing fall soccer as well (with Paul as the coach).  Our Saturday's consist of running between Ben's soccer and football games and Abbey's soccer game.  It can get hectic, but we honestly love watching the kids play the sports and have fun, so it is all worth it.  Here is Abbey ready for soccer!

My two soccer players!  As a side note, kindergarten is the first year you get to play on a real team, as opposed to just taking a skills class, so next year we may have three soccer games to get to (if Juliette wants to play of course).

Some action shots...

World's best spectator!  This girl happily goes along to all games and watches/plays on the sidelines.  She is truly a fantastic sport about going to it all!

Abbey...oh Abbey...she is actually a pretty good soccer player, that is, when she feels like playing!  She usually doesn't want to go into the game unless her friend is also playing at the same time (the one she is holding hands with).  Even then, sometimes she will just walk around the field.  BUT, when she decides she wants to get into it, she is really good.  She scored two goals in one game when she felt like playing!  So the trick is to somehow get her into the game, but so far we have seen no real rhyme or reason as to when she is into it and when she isn't...we'll keep working on it though because she says she is having fun and wants to play again in the spring, so we will see.

And then we rush off to flag football.

Good shot of Ben right before he grabbed this guy's flag.

Our Saturday's are fun and our week's are busy between all the practices, but like I said, everyone is enjoying it so we are not complaining about the business (well, too much anyway)!
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