Friday, October 04, 2013

Happy Birthday Juliette!

When we got back from TN we went straight into get ready for school mode...back to school shopping, back to school activities, end of summer fun squeezed in and last minute play dates before school. And then it was time to celebrate Juliette's birthday! Juliette turned 4 at 8:18 am on 8/19. We counted down the minutes and then I excitedly told her that she was now 4. She looked down at herself and disappointedly looked up at me and said, "I don't feel 4...I still feel 3." Then with a glimmer of hope in her eyes, she said, "Maybe if I stand up..." She quickly stood up, checked herself out, smiled and declared "I'M FOUR!!!!" It was so cute.  So on her birthday she wanted to go to the pool and bring her neighbor friend, so that is what we did.  And her dinner of choice was macaroni and cheese, wax beans, and pears.  Then it was time for chocolate cupcakes and four candles!

Make a wish!

Then it was present time!

Juliette is such a sweet little girl.  She loves to cuddle and will often just crawl up on the couch next to me and say, "Mama, will you cuddle with me?" and then she will share her blanket and just quietly sit with me on my lap.  I, of course, absolutely love this.  She is one who will go put herself to bed when she is tired too!  She loves to play dolls and to color.  She is quite the independent player and will go off to play by herself.  I love listening to her play and will often just watch while she plays with her dolls.  I will hear her doll telling the other dolls that she is getting ready to go to a Moms Night Out! 

Juliette is very easy going.  She hardly ever complains unless there is a good reason and she is a good listener (so far).  She loves school, loves her friends, and loves playing with her siblings.  And her siblings love her too.  She is in PK4 this year and loving it so far.  She is learning her letter phonic sounds and is happy to do her "homework" whenever I ask (her homework is basically to review her letters and the phonic sounds).  Right now she is very into figuring out what letter words start with, which is always a fun game. 

Juliette is our pickiest eater by far...Ben and Abbey will pretty much eat most things.  Juliette wants Cheerios every morning for breakfast.  We try to vary our meal options and not have the same thing every day, but even after she will eat a plate full of eggs, she will still ask for a bowl of cheerios and a banana after!  Her other favorite food is macaroni and cheese and which she will pretty much eat any vegetable in order to get a second helping of mac n cheese! 

Juliette is very excited to be a big sister.  When we first told the kids we were going to have a baby, she was thrilled.  She ran in the following morning to wake me up and ask me if the baby was out of my tummy yet!  She loves feeling the baby move and keeps telling me how much she wants to sing, read, and talk to the baby.  She is also excited to feed the baby, burp the baby and even help change the baby diapers.  She is going to be a fantastic big sister!

I took Juliette in for her 4 year old appointment (by the way, she is very proud of being 4 - she is very into being a big girl and I swear I have seen so much growth in her since she turned 4...she seriously is becoming a big girl right in front of my teary eyes!).  Anyway, she did great at the doctor.  She was very laid back, answered the doctor's questions, had no problems with anything the nurse or doctor did.  Then it came time for the shot and Abbey (not Juju) started crying and clinging to me!  Juliette just watched the nurse prepare her arm, flinched a little when the nurse pricked her, and then looked at me and said, "I'm all done!".  Wow, what a difference from her sister!  Abbey was way more upset about Juliette getting a shot than Juliette was!  Anyway, on to her stats...she was 38 3/4 inches tall and 35 3/4 pounds, which put her at 30% height and 60% weight.  Now that makes it sound like she is short and squat, but she doesn't look that way at all.  She looks like a tiny little thing compared to all her class mates and friends!  She has a little tummy, which she is quite proud of, but even that is still small and I think she has lengthened out a good bit recently.  Her arms and legs look skinnier to me and she is losing her baby fat, which makes me sad!  She is a cutie and a sweetie and we are so proud of her!  Love you Juju Bees!
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