Monday, January 12, 2015

All Saints Day

Since All Saints Day was on a Saturday this year, they celebrated it in school on Monday at the all school prayer service. First graders get to dress up like and do a report on a Saint of their choosing. Abbey really wanted to be an angel, but we finally settled on Saint Abigail. We learned that Saint Abigail was the patron saint of beekeepers because she was one of the first people to use honey for medicinal purposes. So we used the same saint costume we had used for Ben (bought at the time with the intention of all children using it) and added some bees to it to make it specific to Saint Abigail. Here she is before school.
By the way, our living room is now officially Matthew's play room, so we had to snap a cute picture of him too since we were in there.
Abbey is such a saintly big sister.

Then I went to the prayer service to see her process in and around in front of the school.  You can tell as she looks around that she is nervous, but excited too.

You can see her as the third child behind her teacher.
True Abbey style - nervous with her hands in her mouth!
We all sang, "When the Saints Go Marching In" and it was a very nice prayer service.  She did an awesome job!

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