Friday, January 02, 2015

Halloween Season Begins

That's right, this post covers the beginning of the Halloween season. No longer is it just a day - we need to celebrate all month long! It is really fun for the kids and there were a lot of events that we wanted to attend this year, but just couldn't get to because of our crazy schedule. But, we started off with the scout Halloween parties. This year, the cub scout Halloween party was on the same night as the Daddy/daughter girl scout masquerade ball, so we had to divide and conquer. But first, Matthew got to experience dry ice for the first time while Daddy helped Ben carve his pumpkin for the contest at the cub scout party.  Matthew will soon learn that this house doesn't do Halloween without some dry ice.

Juliette looked beautiful as Princess Anna from Frozen.
Lovely Abbey as Princess Elsa from Frozen.
And to keep with the Frozen theme, Daddy went as Olaf.
Ben wanted to go as a football player this year.  Thanks Aunt Domi for the football pads and helmet, that were slightly big on Ben, but really went for the effect that he wanted!
And Matthew went as Mickey Mouse for this event.
So cute.
Ben's scary pumpkin.
Daddy and the girls came to the cub scout party for a bit before heading over to their party.  What a fun night for everyone!
Ben won a prize for scariest pumpkin.
This girl wanted to see what a football helmet felt like...I think it was so big it threw off her balance a little, but it was cute.
Then Juliette's dance class also had a celebration.  For this, she wanted to go as a cheerleader.  Luckily, we have so many dress up clothes that she can choose what she wants to wear to each event and I don't have to buy anything!
They paraded around the room.  She was the only cheerleader!
More Halloween Festivities to come soon!

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