Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In November, I snapped some cute pics with my phone. Matthew started getting into our Tupperware, which was cute.
And the weather started to get colder, so he got all bundled up - here he is in his second home (his car seat).
And we celebrate Cousin Caroline turning 9 - how is that possible?  We celebrated with strawberry ice cream and cake.  This was the first time Matthew tried ice cream. He didn't much like it at first - too cold probably!
Then it was time to prepare for Thanksgiving.  I had amazing helpers again this year who were ready to chop all the ingredients before hand!  Ben needed safety goggles in an effort to not let the onion fumes get into his eyes.  Good idea!
 Working away!
 Then they got really into it and decided to have a little "Chopped" competition.  So we set the timer, gave them some ingredients, and let them create something!  Here is Ben's final product.
 And here is Abbey's.
 I had to give them both points for creativity and good use of ingredients.  It was a fun afternoon, until I told them that their creations were actually their lunches.  All of a sudden, they didn't like their creations as much!

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