Friday, January 02, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Time

Between fall sports schedules and scouts, we actually had to schedule an afternoon to hit up the pumpkin patch! Luckily the weather cooperated on our designated day and we were able to go for a little bit after Matthew's nap. We went to Didier Farms and this time, our family fits into a school bus!

Matthew's first time at a Pumpkin Patch!
He seemed to like it.
Big kids.
The kids love the picture frame things - Mom, take my picture!

Lots of pictures of Matthew with pumpkins.

My 4 little pumpkins!
The next week was Juliette's first school field trip.  Kindergarten gets to go to a pumpkin patch!  She got to ride the school bus and wear fun clothes (not her uniform).  She was so excited!
And since I am the room mom for her class, I got to go too!  It was such a fun day.
This was my awesome group!
It was so cute.  They all came home with their own small pumpkin, gourd and corn that they got to pick out.  We were lucky with amazing weather (after it had been rescheduled once due to thunderstorms).

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