Thursday, January 01, 2015

First Day of School

Happy 2015! One of my resolutions is to be more current with the blog, which means I need to catch up! Let's go back to August and the first day of school. These kids were ready to get going! They looked smashing in their uniforms on the first day of school. Juliette was very excited as she entered kindergarten this year and got to wear uniforms - she was adorable!  Look at my little Catholic school girls...

All 3 of them ready to go!
Ben started third grade and it seems like such a leap from second grade.  He seems so much older now and even his teacher told the class that they are no longer the little kids at school :(  He gets real letter grades now and has more responsibility at school.  This is the first time I have felt like he is getting to be a big kid and is no longer my little boy (sniff, sniff).
Abbey started first grade and I was very worried about her transition to full day school (as opposed to half day kindergarten).  But she is thriving and loving school.  Her reading has taken off and she loves her teacher and is doing awesome in first grade. 
And Juliette started kindergarten.  She was so excited to be a big kid going off to school like Ben and Abbey.  She takes kindergarten very seriously, loves loves loves her teacher, and is doing great in school.  I was actually very sad about her going off to kindergarten, even though I still have another baby behind her.  But these three are so close together it truly feels like all of them are getting so old with her starting kindergarten. 

First day of school and first time Juliette got out of the car on her own without me walking her to the side door for preschool.  She got out like a pro and although we had planned for Abbey to walk her to class the first day, I don't think she needed it.  And when the door closed after all 3 got out, the car felt eerily quiet and lonely.  Yes, Matthew was still in the car, but it was a weird feeling to drop them all off at school together.  My babies are growing up.

I had to take a picture on the second day of school today because the girls get a choice of skorts or a jumper and Juliette chose the skort the first day and the jumper the second day.  The jumper is so cute!
Big girl!

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