Friday, January 02, 2015

Fall Sports

One of the reasons I have been so behind on the blog is because of all the fall sports we have been running around to! All 3 kids played fall soccer this year. It was Ben's first time playing on a travel soccer team, Abbey's first time playing on a real soccer team (all girls and playing with a goalie as opposed to 3 vs 3 games) and Juliette's first time playing soccer (kindergarten soccer is coed and 3 vs 3 games). So it was an exciting fall! Unfortunately, this meant a lot of tag teaming between Paul and I, especially given the fact that we try as best we can to keep Matthew to his nap schedule. And Paul coached both the girls' teams, so that added an extra layer of difficulty. I was often unable to attend the girls' games because I was either taking Ben to a game or staying home while Matthew napped. I really didn't like missing the games, but since Paul was the coach, he had to be there and so any conflict we had meant I could not go. We made it through the season though and everyone liked their teams and liked playing a lot, so that was great to see. Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures of any of them playing! I guess we were too busy running between games to think about it. We will try harder in the spring to rectify that.

After the season ended, we had parties for the girls' teams. Juliette's team was pretty small so we just had everyone to our house for a pizza party and to give out trophies. This is the one picture I have of Juliette related to soccer this fall.
Abbey's team was a bit bigger and we didn't know the families quite as well, so we had it at a pizza place.  Here is Coach Paul trying to give Abbey her trophy, but Abbey was shy of the attention so she is actually under the table at this moment - ha! 
And for Ben's end of season party, Matthew was sick so I stayed home with him while Daddy took Ben to the party.  He will be starting up winter indoor soccer soon, so we will try to snap a few pictures of him.  The girls also both took gymnastics and Juliette has dance class too.  All three are in scouts and the girls do Indian Princesses with Paul.  Abbey is also taking piano lessons for the first time and Ben is in a Lego Robotics Club that Paul is coaching.  So we stay pretty busy!

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