Saturday, January 10, 2015


Getting closer to catching let's go back to Halloween! The kids all had school parties, but Juliette decided to go as a cheerleader to her school party. She is all ready to go!
I think she has the moves down.
Halloween was on a  Friday this year and Paul worked from home so we could get a jump start on trick or treating when the kids got home from school.  Matthew helped him out while hanging out in his Mickey costume.
Once the kids got home though, it was time to get into his real costume...Curious George!!

My attempt to get a picture of all the kids.  From left to right we have Princess Anna, Princess Elsa, Curious George, and an Irish football player!

I really wanted Paul to go as the Man with the Yellow Hat, but he already had made the Olaf costume when he went to the Masquerade Ball with the girls and we ran out of time to make another costume for him, so he went as Olaf again.  Opportunity missed :(
It was absolutely frigid and very windy on Halloween, but it didn't stop the kids.
We bundled Matthew up in the stroller and gave him his bottle.  He was content for a while.

But by the time we got to the end of our block, he had finished his bottle and was quite done.  He was crying and Juliette was crying too.  I asked her if she wanted to keep going and she emphatically wanted to go home and get warm.  So, I turned back with the younger two and Paul soldiered on with the older two for another block or so.  Once back at home and warmed up, we had a happy monkey again.

As is our Halloween tradition, we had our good friends, the Weck's, over for trick or treating and chili.  Here is a group shot of the kids, minus the two babies who were already out of costume at this point.
Since it was so cold, the kids weren't out for very long, but they did come back with a ton of candy.  I think people gave extra candy out since it was so cold!  It was a really fun afternoon/evening.  Happy Halloween!!

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