Thursday, January 01, 2015

Apple Picking

It was fall time, so we got to enjoy one of our favorite fall picking!! We headed up to our favorite place in Wisconsin (which reminds me that we need to update Matthew's state map on this blog) and planned to meet Aunt Domi, Uncle Brandon, Hunter and Caroline there. We got there early, so we had some time to take a few cute pictures while waiting. This was Matthew's first time apple picking and he was very excited.
My four kiddos filled up the entire picture set!
It was a beautiful fall day.
We got to see how big everyone has gotten since last year.

And we had some fun with Matthew in the apple bucket.
And then we tried to recreate this picture, which is one of my favorites.  It is of Juliette when she was a little over a year old, taken in 2010.  She was so cute and happy in the basket!

 Matthew was pretty cute and happy in the basket too.

He's a happy baby.
Acuff's arrived and we got on the wagon for the hay ride up to the orchard.
Matthew picking apples!
But he was more interested in Daddy.
Mommy and Matthew
Abbey climbing high to reach the good apples!

Juliette looking for good ones on the ladder.
Sweet Caroline
A few more cute ones of Matthew in the basket.

I love this one!

Uncle Brandon, toss it down to Ben!
Hunter and Matthew
Juliette way up in the tree!
We had such a heavy load of apples that it took Caroline pulling and Uncle Brandon pushing the wagon and Juliette pushing Uncle Brandon for some added help!
That's a nice load (of kids and apples!).
Required silly picture!  Love Abbey in this one...
Ben and Caroline
Once we got the apples loaded into the car, we headed over to the store and had some fun on the wooden rocking horses.

Another successful apple picking trip!!

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