Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In November, Matthew turned 10 months!  The time is really flying by, so we put on his 10 month tie and snapped some cute pictures.

 Big Brother Ben wanted in on the action, so he ran and grabbed his coat and tie.  After all, these are formal pictures.

 Look what we found!  So cute in it with his blue eyes shining out!
10 Months...Matthew was crawling all over with his belly crawl and really starting to engage in playing.  He has a great belly chuckle when you tickle him, especially his feet, or throw him in the air.  He loves to play and is always happy.  He's such a blessing!

On to his stats...Matthew was 28 3/4 inches tall and 22 lbs, 3 ounces, which put him in the 41st and 79th percentiles, respectively.  The baby likes to eat, what else can I say?  This is a big jump in height though, so glad that is catching up!

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