Monday, October 31, 2011


After all the build-up, it was finally Halloween! We carved our pumpkins...we ended up with a batman pumpkin and a robot pumpkin, but no pictures of them lit unfortunately.

Not only did we have a lot of pumpkins that we bought or got for free, but we also had several from our garden! We did not even plant pumpkins, but since we put our pumpkin remains in our compost pile last year, we had volunteer pumpkins grow out of our compost pile this year. It was a great surprise that the kids loved! They didn't get very big, but here is our garden pumpkins....

All our pumpkins, except for the two big ones we carved...

Halloween morning they kids got dressed up in another set of costumes. Ben had a party at school and I took the girls to a party at our church. Ben chose Batman for school, Abbey was Ariel again and Juliette was Dora the Explorer!

Halloween evening, Ben finally went as a mummy. He had been asking for months to be a mummy, so I made him this costume. I was pretty proud of it because it involved sewing, which I simply do not do (a button comes off of pants and I usually deem the pants useless rather than sew the button back on)!

Our final Halloween costumes...Dora the Explorer (with backpack and Boots), Cinderella, and a mummy!

Dora shows off Backpack!

We decorated the wagon to be the "doom buggy" to give the kids a lift when they got tired.

Then our friends came over to trick-or-treat. Who would win in a fight...a mummy or a pirate?

Look at this crew!

After Juliette got some candy in her bucket, she preferred to sit in the back of the doom buggy and just eat her candy.

Gavin joined her - what a cute pumpkin!

It was a lot of fun! It is hard to believe that we are now into the holiday season, but I would say that Halloween was a blast this year so I am looking forward to some fun holidays coming up!
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