Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mama Kay and Papa Fun!

While we were away having fun at the wedding, the kiddos were having plenty of fun on their own with Mama Kay and Papa! They met up with Aunt Domi, Hunter and Caroline at Cantigny park for some fun and a great picnic! Great pictures of the cousins!

So cute!

Ben and Abbey having fun!

Caroline and Ben on the tanks...

Little miss thing...

Such cute cousins...

And best friends...

They went on a hay ride and apparently Abbey was a little nervous unless Hunter was holding tight to her!

Papa with Caroline and Ben...

Looks like Juju is having fun!

Then she needed some cuddle time with Mama Kay!

Pretty girl in some pretty flowers...

Abbey having fun!

Then the next day Papa took Ben golfing! He used my clubs...yes, he is not that much smaller than me anymore! But looks like Papa taught him well - nice form Ben!


Looks like they had a ton of fun with Mama Kay and Papa! And all week they have been telling us more and more about all the fun stuff they did together during the weekend! It sounded like they were very busy, yet somehow, in between all that fun, they managed to have the house clean, laundry done, sheets changed, garage organized, lawn cut, and dinner (with fresh apple pie dessert) waiting for us when we got back home on Monday evening! What a wonderful way to come home! Thank you so much Mama Kay and Papa - we love you!!
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