Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fun

Fall is definitely in full swing now, including lots of beautiful leaves and cooler weather. The kids are always excited when the leaves start to fall because that means leaf pile jumping!

Love this shot! They all started out running together, but you can see the progression of who is the fastest! As a side note, Ben and Abbey jump into the pile whereas Juliette pretty much just plows right through and fall down!

Then Ben, our budding photographer, decided to walk around the neighborhood a bit to capture some of the pretty trees (for those of you who do not get to see any fall color where you live).

The red leaves are his favorite since red is his favorite color...

Fall also means more soccer, which Ben loves. Here he is practicing his drills...

Good action shot in the game - he likes playing defender it seems...

So what do the girls do while Ben plays soccer? They usually find some dirt to play in, of course!

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