Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Part 2

Thursday night was a special night as Uncle David was in town for work and stopped by to visit. So Aunt Domi and Caroline came up and we went to a Halloween event at a library close to us. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong branch at first, so by the time we got to the right branch we missed the stories, but they did have a lot of fun activities set up that the kids enjoyed. Here are Ben and Caroline having fun at toss the ball in the pumpkin. Notice Ben is wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume this time (a gift from Uncle Phil and Aunt Sandy for his birthday last year...if you look closely, you can tell it has been used a lot! And it is getting pretty small on him - look at the legs! But he doesn't care - loves it anyway!).

Abbey was a fairy this time. We combined her ballet leotard and tights with a tutu she got for her 2nd birthday from Aunt Domi with wings, a head band and a belt that we got from Aunt Theresa (it used to be her dog Libby's costume, but we altered it to make it work)! I think it turned out pretty cute!

Juju was a lady bug this time - a costume Abbey wore when she was 15 months and Juliette wore it to one event last year as well. It was pretty small on her this year, so it might be retired from our collection soon.

Cute cousins making witches hats.

What a great looking group!

Then it was back to our house for some pizza and shenanigans with Uncle David!

And some more costume changes...have you ever seen a penguin ride a horse?

We are so glad Uncle David came to hang out with us for the night! (Notice Abbey is now in a Snow White costume.)

Yay Uncle David!

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