Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Part 1

Just like birthdays, we tend to celebrate special events for at least a week and Halloween is no different! So we have a lot of Halloween festivities going on and the kids love it. I know I have mentioned this before, but our kids absolutely love dressing up and pretend play. We have quite a collection of costumes too from old Ben costumes from previous Halloweens, costumes given to us from Aunt Domi, and costumes given to the kids for various birthdays/Christmas...and yet they are still asking for more costumes for Christmas! They are all in costumes at least once a week, but probably more often than that. We have quite a variety of costumes too, from different animals to several princesses to almost all of the major super heroes. So when Halloween rolls around, we have a lot to choose from just from our own playroom. I try to make the most out of our collection by encouraging the kids to wear something different to each event, so you will see a lot of different stuff over the next few posts!

To start off the festivities though, Abbey got to dress up for dance class and her first costume choice was Ariel!

The wig got to be a little difficult to dance in though so she took it off. Then they paraded around the parent waiting room to show off the costumes. There were 3 Ariel's in her class, but they all had different costumes. One of the mom's told me that a store clerk told her that Ariel was the number 1 costume this year. Luckily, we had ours from Abbey's birthday (thanks Aunt Theresa)!

Here is her dance class with their teacher. I loved the Alice in Wonderland costume and will have to keep that in mind for next year with Abbey's blond hair!

Then the next day she had a Halloween party at school, so she went as Cinderella.

She had decided that she wanted Cinderella to be her main costume this year, so I bought her a matching crown to go with it. And I promised her that on the actual day of Halloween I will put some make-up on her...she is VERY excited about that!

Here is her class singing some Halloween songs that they learned in music class.

She got some goodies from the party too!

Then she found Rapunzel and ran around with her (those princesses have to stick together). Juliette is watching them wondering why she is not wearing a costume. Don't worry - she immediately put one on as soon as she got home!

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