Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Abbey's Birthday!

On July 7 at 2:21pm, our darling daughter turned 4 years old!! We started off the day by taking Abbey to a bike shop and letting her pick out a new big girl bike (thanks Madgie and Patch)!  She chose a pink bike (shocker) and we let her get a different pair of streamers to add on to the handle bars.  We spent the rest of the morning on bikes!


After a quick lunch and nap, it was time to PARTY!  Abbey wanted to have her birthday party at Jump Zone this year and she wanted to invite a bunch of kids from her class.  She likes Jump Zone because it has a princess themed jump house!  We got there early to set up and she quickly tried out the birthday chair!

She had a blast running around with her friends!

Juju is a little wary of jump houses still (although Jump Zone does have a Mickey Mouse themed jumpy that she likes as long as big kids are not also in there).  Luckily, there are also other toys she can play on with Cousin Hunter!

Ben had a great time as well running around with his friends (several of Abbey's friends have older siblings that are Ben's friends too).  As always though, he has the most fun with Caroline!

Then it was time for pizza!

Abbey gets ready for cake time!
This year Abbey requested a barbie cake, so this is what I made for her.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  It was my first venture with fondant (which was used to make the top of her dress).

I also made cupcakes with barbie sticks for decoration.

Time for Abbey to blow out her 4 candles!

Juju and Aunt Domi...

Unfortunately there was no time to open presents at the party, so we had the Acuff's over to open presents.  Abbey got great presents this year - perfect for her!

Juju got a little tired/bored while waiting for Abbey to open up the presents.  Although as soon as the presents were open, she was quick to want to play with them all!  Luckily, Abbey is such a good sharing sister!

We ate cupcakes at the party, so we lit the candles on the cake one more time before cutting into it!  She really wanted "pink" cake, so I made a strawberry cake, but she wouldn't actually eat it - ha!  I will remember this next year and stick with chocolate!


It was a great day and a great celebration!  I will blog about her doctor's appointment and growth stats soon.  We also had a family celebration on Sunday, but I will get to all of that soon!  I am slowly catching up, but it takes me some time!
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