Wednesday, July 11, 2012


After everyone was up so late for the wedding, the kids actually slept in until about 8am...they are normally up every morning by 6:30 like an alarm! So after some breakfast, we got on the road to head back home. We made good time (sleepy kids napping in the car helps the trip pass quickly) and got to Memphis in enough time to go to the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks march! They have 5 ducks that swim in the fountain in this hotel and every morning and evening, the ducks march from the fountain to the elevator to go up to the place where they sleep! We just made it in time to see them march! Luckily, the kids were able to sit on the floor very close to the ducks while Paul and I stood behind, so we didn't really get any good pictures of the ducks marching, but one duck did stop right in front of the kids and paused to look at them - too funny!  Here they are in front of the fountain after the march!

Juliette loves ducks (mostly the rubber kind, but she does like real ducks too), so she was happy to see these duck prints outside the hotel!  We often call the kids our little duckies and she is our baby duck!

Then we decided to ride the trolley around town to get a good view of Memphis.  I love this picture of the kids waiting for the trolley as it pulled up!

Ben and I on the trolley...

The girls really liked looking out the window, which made the driver a little nervous as she kept telling them to sit down (we were the only people on the trolley).

Instead of sitting down, they decided to hold on!

The trolley took a little stop, so Daddy was able to hop off and get some cute pictures.

It was great to be able to spend some time in Memphis on our way back - it's always fun to explore a new city, even if just for a few hours!  We went out to get some bbq for dinner, and then we all got quite comfy in our hotel for the night!
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