Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wedding Prep

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the wedding! Abbey put on her pretty dress and then it was time to go up to the bridal suite to get her hair and make-up done!

Paul's cousin Casey (Samantha's sister and maid of honor) put on some make-up for Abbey, which thrilled her.

Since all of the other flower girls have very curly hair, we decided to curl Abbey's too.  It looked gorgeous!  Unfortunately after some running around and time in the heat, it ended up pretty straight by the time of the actual wedding.  But here is what it looked like originally...

Abbey and Kailey all ready to go!

All 4 flower girls!

The 4 (or almost 4) year olds with Samantha, the bride, who looked absolutely gorgeous!  She was very sweet with the girls and kept calling them princesses, which they all loved!

Then Samantha let Abbey try on her wedding shoes!  Abbey was thrilled - look at those great shoes!

These girls were so cute playing together!

Abbey and Samantha - two beautiful ladies!

Then, another exciting thing happened, we got to ride in the party bus on the way to the wedding - what fun!!

It's almost time girls...

Now she has her flowers and is ready to go!
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