Monday, July 23, 2012

July 4th

I am so behind in blogging!!! I know, I seem to always start posts that way lately, but summer is a busy time! Ok, so after our trip to New Orleans, we got back just in time to celebrate July 4th. We go to the parade in our town every year, but this year was extra special because Ben's kindergarten teacher (that we loved) lives on the parade route and invited the class to come to her house to watch it! She is an amazing teacher and really loved her class and bonded with the kids. She has never invited a class to her house before, so we all felt very special! And it was extra fun to watch the parade with so many friends!  Before it started, here are Ben and Abbey looking very patriotic!

A lot of the kids came and some more showed up after it started too!

Abbey had fun!

I just love this picture :)

Juju enjoyed it too...

It was hot, but the kids did really well and had fun.

Family photo!

And as usual, lots of candy was thrown out during the parade!

It was a great spot to watch the parade!

The moms and Mrs. Balogh (in the middle - back row).  I really have gotten to know these ladies and become good friends with them.  We have all commented how sad we will be next year when the kids are split up into different 1st grade classes!  Luckily, all these ladies seem committed to the school so we should be together (even if in different classes) for a long time!

The BEST kindergarten teacher ever!  Abbey can't wait to have her after one more year of preschool!

It was a great time!!
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