Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

Although Abbey got to ride the party bus with the wedding party, all guests were provided luxury bus transportation to/from the wedding, reception and hotel, which was very nice!  Juliette and Caroline seemed to like this too!

Then it was time for everything to start!  Here is Paul's cousin Kraig walking down his Aunt Kerri, the mother of the bride - she looked beautiful!

This is Paul's cousin Kristen (Kailey's mom) and his cousin Casey's husband, Ryan.

I am still not sure how this happened, but all 4 flower girls made it down the aisle, somewhat together!  It was like magic...must have been the princess pep talk from Samantha right before they went!

These two pretty much stuck together, which they did all weekend long!

Oh wait, was someone else supposed to come down the aisle too?  Oh yeah, the beautiful bride and her father!

This was Abbey's hair come wedding time...oh well, she still looked beautiful! 

Then they got to walk back down the aisle out of the church at the end too!  Abbey really loved this!

This was the 2 year old, Daisy, who really enjoyed picking the petals off the flowers - so cute!

Great job girls!

Picture time - Abbey did a fantastic job of posing for the pictures and smiling!

I wanted a picture with my flower girl, but as I said before, Abbey and Kailey were inseparable, so this is the cute picture I got, which I love - they were so cute together all weekend!

What a great picture - you can tell how totally excited and happy these two were about the entire thing!
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