Thursday, August 16, 2012


Ben finished up his swim team experience with an end of season party at the pool. He had great coaches this year, specifically the girl coaches (the guy didn't too much besides tell them to swim). Coach Kristie and Coach Sarah really worked with him (and all the kids) on learning the proper stroke technique. They were encouraging and really did a great job. I hope they are back next year!

The girls got to swim at the party too!  Abbey has become quite the little fish and is usually spending most of her time going under water.  After watching Ben all summer, she is trying to do the strokes as well and is actually doing a pretty good job with them!  I see swim team in her future...

Juliette has become a little bit more timid in the water, which is not a bad thing.  After going under at the beach in TN by walking out a bit too far, I am quite OK with her being a bit more cautious until she is a little older/bigger!  She still loves the water though!

The big news from the swim party was that Ben went off the high dive for the first time.  He loved it.  The next time we went to the pool he spent most of his time in the diving well!

Well with summer activities ending, it was time to start fall activities (hard to believe).  Ben is doing flag football this year for the first time.  A bunch of his friends are doing it and they actually group the kids by school, so he is with all kids from his school, which is nice.  So far, he is actually loving it.  They take it pretty seriously, but the coaches are extremely encouraging and really teaching them a lot.  

Again, the girls have siblings of players to play with and a park attached to the practice field.  So needless to say, they love going to football practice!  And I enjoy catching up with my girlfriends from the kids' school too!

They had a scrimmage tonight and I was amazed at how well they did.  Ben was awesome - got the flag off of two guys carrying the ball and that was just while I was watching (I spent half the game with the girls at the park).  It will be interesting to see how the season goes, but so far, he is really enjoying it!
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