Monday, August 06, 2012

Watkins Glen State Park

After spending a great day at the lake on Monday, we decided to get up Tuesday morning and explore the Finger Lakes region. We packed a lunch and headed to Watkins Glen State Park.  It was beautiful.  We went on a 2 mile up hill hike that took us along some gorgeous waterfalls.

Here is the group at the start.

Patch helps Abbey navigate through some mud puddles.

Looking over the edge at the water below.

Gorgeous waterfall...

That is Madgie and Ben behind the falls!

Abbey and Patch with the falls!

The hike was just beautiful.

The kids really were troopers.  It was very hot and quite a lot of up hill walking.

After a picnic lunch, we found a shallow and flat spot where the kids could take their shoes off and splash around a little bit.  This activity, plus the food, really cooled them off and lifted their spirits!

It seemed to make Uncle Chris pretty happy too :)

We would have never made it through the hike if we hadn't brought the hiking backpack that we have.  Juliette is a slow walker, so thankfully she was very happy to be carried most of the way.  We did take turns, but Uncle Chris carried her up the remaining steep steps, which was not easy!

When we finally got up to the top, we had a nice ice cream snack and then played on the play ground while Daddy ran back down the trail to get the car and come pick us up.  There were shuttle buses running between the lower and upper entrances, but Daddy wanted to get a run in and the kids wanted to play, so this plan worked out well...thanks Paul!  Look what Uncle Chris taught Ben to do!

Of course, the girls quickly took over the swings, their favorite thing to do!

Uh Oh, is Patch going to get Juliette?

It was a really beautiful place and I really enjoyed this day.  The kids did pretty well given the heat and how far they walked.  Everyone had fun.  I would highly recommend this walk to anyone going to the Finger Lakes region!
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