Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Activities

As soon as we got back from vacation, we went straight back into our summer activities, which meant swim meets for Ben!  Here he is getting ready.  He looks so small compared to his competitors!

He did awesome though!  GO BEN!!!

Then it was on to the City Meet!  This was the final meet of the summer where all the swim teams in our town compete.  Ben was pretty nervous, but he did amazing.  He dropped 20 seconds from his time and came in third out of five in his heat!

On your mark, get set...

After his awesome performance we treated him (and his biggest cheerleaders...aka...his sisters) to an ice cream!

This was his swim team.  Can you find Ben?  He is bottom row, second from the left.  Look how tiny he is.  Like I said in a previous post, he was one of the youngest on the team.  I am so proud of him!

Besides swimming, we also got back to rookie ball.  The girls and I waiting for the game to start.

Batter up!

The girls amuse themselves during the games by jumping off the stands...

Or climbing on them.  They actually had a lot of friends to play with as most of Ben's friends on his team also have younger siblings.  So they loved going to rookie ball games to play with everyone!

Here is his team.  They are mostly kids from his class or friends of kids from school.  It was a ton of fun this season since we knew everyone on the team and got to be with friends while watching the games!

Great job this summer Ben!
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