Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last Few Days

After Niagara Falls, everyone was pretty tired. Luckily, the next day it rained so we spent the day playing games and resting at the house. Aunt Ginny also was able to finally come and join in the fun too, so the kids were excited to see her!  Since it was raining, Paul and Patch spent a good part of the morning down at the dock doing more fishing.  Look, Patch caught one!

Everyone went down whenever a fish was caught.

Everyone was excited to see Aunt Ginny, especially now that she has their baby cousin growing in her tummy! 

Uncle Chris showed Juju how to talk to the new baby..."Hi Baby!!!"

That night we celebrated Madgie and Patch's 39th wedding anniversary!  Congratulations you two - what a great example you are to all of us!

We had bought some special dessert wine at the vineyard we visited earlier in the week to toast the happy couple.  We also bought some grape juice from the vineyard so everyone could partake!  Cheers!

Then Aunt Ginny took to the piano, with some accompaniment!

 The girls loved when Aunt Ginny played the piano - it was a great time to dance!

Our last day at the lake was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time swimming.

Paul, Ben, Madgie and Patch went to an antique boat show, which they all really enjoyed!

And we enjoyed our last night on the deck with a delicious dinner prepared by Paul, our chef of the week!

Our last morning before heading wonderful parents out on the deck!

The kids and grandkids...

Ben and his Godfather...

Uncle Chris, Aunt Ginny, and the kiddos.

Madgie and Patch with their grandkids.  We can't wait to add another one to this picture come October!!

It was a really fun week!  We did a lot of stuff, yet also had a relaxing time.  We really just enjoyed being with the family for the week!  Thank you Madgie and Patch for planning everything and getting us all together!  We look forward to the next family get together, which should be coming soon with the birth of a new cousin!!!  Love you all!
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