Sunday, August 12, 2012

Other Summer Fun

Although we have been traveling a lot this summer, we have also had plenty of fun at home too. We went to Irish Fest to watch one of Ben's friends from school do Irish Dancing! Unfortunately I couldn't get a good picture of her when she was dancing on stage, but afterwards they had a free clinic demonstration and Juliette couldn't wait to try it! Abbey was too shy to go up there.  Ben's friend Ellie is on the left of Juliette.  The girls know her pretty well as her brothers (she is a triplet) play sports with Ben so she was at all the games and played with the girls.  Juliette is really concentrating on doing the right steps!

Look at her dance!

Look what Daddy found at the end of the rainbow!

Ben and Juju's turn!

They had a lot of fun crafts and games too.

And Irish Fest would not be complete without bagpipers!

I also took the kids to the spray and play park, which is where Abbey had her birthday party last year.  The kids had a ton of fun running around!

Juliette enjoyed it much more this year than last year. 

Check out that rainbow!

Yeah, I would say she had fun!
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