Monday, August 06, 2012

On to the Finger Lakes!

After we left Leanna's house, we picked up Uncle Chris in Cleveland and headed east to the Finger Lakes. We got there, found the house we rented, and caught up with Madgie and Patch!  It was getting towards dinner time, so we immediately put the kids to work shucking corn, which they enjoyed!

The next morning we went down to enjoy the lake!  The house came with a paddle boat, which the kids loved! 

It was a rocky beach, but with water shoes, the kids could easily go siwmming off the shore and by the dock.  The house even provided floats!

The first day Daddy went with Ben in the paddle boat, but after that, Ben could easily go in the boat himself and paddle around the dock and our house.  He loved it!

This is a view of the back of the house.  It was a great house - very big and great porch space that looked out onto the beautiful lake!

Juliette enjoyed her floatie as well.

The house came with a canoe too, which we all made great use of!

Then the paddle boat took on a new turn of fun...the kids discovered that it had a rope attached to the back that they could hold on to while some willing (or unwilling) adult paddled them around!  Ben called it water skiing...this might be as close as he gets to water skiing!

More paddle boat fun!

Ben and Abbey found two willing adults to paddle them around!
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