Sunday, November 11, 2012

All Saints Day

Luckily, Ben woke up the day after Halloween feeling better, which was good because it was All Saints Day and 1st grade was in charge of the all school mass to celebrate! They had to do a report on their name saint (or a saint of their choosing) and dress up as the saint for mass. We worked hard on his report and parts of his costume, so he didn't want to miss it!

Just in case you were curious, Saint Benjamin was a martyr who preached of Jesus in Persia during a time when it was not allowed. His feast day is March 31.  Unfortunately for my children, I do not sew, so I actually found a place online where you could order a saint costume - ha!  I got a pretty plain one so all 3 kids could wear it for their saints and then we made the embelishments to go with it.  Every picture we found of Saint Benjamin showed him wearing this big hat, so here is what Paul and Ben came up with - pretty good if you ask me!

Here is his class!

Here he is coming into the church singing "Oh When the Saints Go Marching In"

Unlike Abbey, he is not camera shy!

It was a very nice mass.  We all went and enjoyed watching Ben do his part.  He also got to bring up the gifts, which was unexpected but one of the kids who was supposed to do it wasn't there so he filled in.  He wasn't supposed to have a part because he had a part in the year end mass last year.  They try to make sure everyone gets to participate, which is good. 

Happy All Saints Day!
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