Friday, November 09, 2012

Pre-Halloween Fun

In case you weren't aware, Halloween is now a month long celebration! Well, not quite, but there are so many Halloween festivities around town that it ends up feeling that way, which is very fun!  Paul took the kids to our city's Trunk or Treat where various local companies go and set up booths and pass out candy.  It's really fun and this was the second year we have gone.  Unfortunately, I could not go with this year as I snuck away to Cincinnati for the weekend to see baby Brendan (but more on that later).  Paul and the kids met up with our good friends, who went as The Incredibles!

Enjoying some treats!

You can see that Abbey went as a cheerleader again and Juliette went as Ariel, the Little Mermaid, for this event!

We had a very busy Halloween week.  Abbey's dance class had a Halloween party the day before Halloween and she went as Mereida (the princess from the movie Brave). 

Then while Paul took Abbey to dance class (lunch break from work), I went to school to help out with Juliette's class Halloween party!  She went as Snow White this time!

She wasn't the only Snow White, so she decided she needed to differentiate herself with some sunglasses she found in my purse!

Little Diva!

This was her class as they sang some Halloween songs to the parents - it was very cute!
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