Sunday, November 18, 2012


Our good friends, the Weck's, invited us to go to the circus with them. Ben has been asking to go to the circus since it came into town (and we missed it) last year, so we jumped at the chance. 

It was a great time.  The kids were fully entertained and I can say that the circus has really improved since the last time I saw it (in high school).  And we actually did see one of the performers get hurt in a stunt, which was not good to see, but made you realize just how dangerous these acts can be.  The guy was standing on a flexible balance beam that was being held by two people in the air.  The guys holding it basically bounced him up to do 3 back flips, which he completed, but instead of landing on his feet on the bar, he then landed on the bar...between his legs...yeah, ouch!  He basically could not move.  People ran over and lifted him off the bar, but he stayed in one position as they quickly carried him off.  They did announce later in the show that he was ok, but that was a bit scary!  Besides that instance though, everything else went as planned as far as we could tell!

Unfortunately it was a long show and everyone was about done by the end, so we did not get a family picture or a picture of all the kids together even.  This is about as close as we got, which as you can probably tell, is me trying to convince the kids to turn around and smile at Daddy for one quick did not work and this is the picture we are stuck with!  Oh well, I tried :)

It was a fun afternoon though!
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