Sunday, November 11, 2012


Our Halloween started out quite spooky. Just after midnight on Halloween, Ben woke up with croup, which is always a scary experience. Paul took him to the ER and he was given the breathing treatment, which usually helps. After the treatment though, they could still hear it in his voice so they gave him a chest x ray and admitted him for overnight stay to keep an eye on him. Chest x ray came back normal and he got better. He saw our pediatrician in the morning, but it took forever to process being released from the hospital, so he didn't get home until around 1pm in the afternoon. So unfortunately for Ben, he missed the fun fair and class Halloween party at school. But, after an afternoon rest in his bed (he was just so tired), he perked up and was ready for Halloween.

So, while Paul was with Ben at the hospital all morning, I was running around with the girls getting them to their various Halloween events.  Abbey wore this costume to school for her party.  It was a sparkly dress up dress we got from her cousins and she wore it and declared herself a rock star!

It was Juliette's turn for the dance class party, so she chose to be Cinderella!

Here she is in the parade.

And her whole dance class dressed up - so cute!

Abbey being camera shy during her parade.  Then they sang us a bunch of Halloween songs.  It was very cute!

While all this was going on, Ben was getting his own Halloween treat at the hospital!  He decorated a pumpkin, won a 100 piece puzzle for his pumpkin decoration, and got a visit by the hospital German Shepherd, Jake, who climbed up on the bed with him for a cuddle.  Ben loves dogs, so I am sure this was quite a treat!  They even e mailed us a picture of him with Jake - he looks so tiny in this picture!  So at least his hospital stay was festive.  And he was happy to watch TV all morning!
 Well after a long afternoon rest in his bed, Ben came out ready to go trick or treating.  So, we got all dressed up.  Cinderella was ready to go!

Abbey chose Sleeping Beauty for the actual trick or treating and Ben stayed consistent with his ninja costume.

We decorated our "doom buggy" and were ready to go!

Our good friends the Wecks came over - this is our third annual trick or treating tradition now and it is always a lot of fun!  Here are all the kids!


Juliette got quite comfortable in the doom buggy and didn't actually do much trick or treating.  She looked like the queen the way she just sat up and rode so eloquently.  Every now and then Ben or Abbey would ask the person at a house for an extra piece of candy to bring to her.  We had a TON of candy at the end, so she wasn't lacking by not going up to the houses!  

Back at the house it was time for Paul's awesome chili (part of our tradition) and this year we made Witch's Brew for the kids to drink (green koolaid with dry ice) was a big hit!

It was a long day and the kids were exhausted, but everyone had fun!
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