Monday, November 05, 2012

Firehouse Field Trip

Abbey had a field trip to our local Firehouse during October, which is fire safety month. Juliette and I went along as chaperones.  First we listened to the firemen talk to us about fire safety.  Then they told us about their average day at the station.  They work for 24 hours and then have 2 days off.  They eat, sleep, and watch TV at the station on their work day in between calls.  It was pretty interesting to tour. 

Then we got to see the trucks and engines.

Here is her class!

My favorite part was when the fireman put on his whole fire suit (mask included) and had the kids come up and touch him and get close.  The point of this was that if the kids were in a fire, they wanted the kids to be able to recognize a firefighter and not be afraid of them (because they can look pretty scary with the mask on).  I thought that was a great idea to show the kids!

All the boys couldn't wait to get up close to the fireman.  Only Abbey and one other girl got up to see too.  Good job Abbey!

Very fun field trip!
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