Monday, November 05, 2012

High School Halloween Fair

Several of the high schools by us put on Halloween festivals, so we invited Caroline to come up and go to one with us. It was pretty amazing. Each classroom had a different Halloween activity staffed by high school kids. It was really great and we will definitley try to go again next year as it was a lot of fun!  Juliette decided to go as a turtle!  This was Ben's costume when he was 18 months.  I looked at the tag and it is size 12-18 months, but fits our 3 year old just fine!

Ben was a ninja (he did not change costumes this year) and Abbey was a cheerleader.

The first stop was boo-sical chairs!  Paul had to play with the girls to help them out.  Ben made it until almost the end!  But when they got out they got a piece of candy, so nobody was too upset at not finding a seat when the music stopped!

Here is the back of her costume - I just think the shell is so cute!

Caroline and Ben got face painting done!

Abbey got a princess crown on her hand!

Here's the whole crew (except Hunter, who wouldn't put on his costume)!
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